2015 Grantees

Carizon Family and Community Services
Project Evaluation – Chandler Mowat Youth Navigators

Evaluate a one year pilot project designed to engage marginalized youth in the Chandler Mowat neighbourhood of Kitchener. There is strong evidence based that a youth engagement approach is effective for engaging marginalized youth, but implementing it in a neighbourhood based setting is unique for local neighbourhoods. The evaluation results will be shares with service providers, policy makers and area participants.

Child Witness Centre
Empowering ten children and youth to find their voice
To support ten children and youth aged 12 to 18, and their families through the judicial court process and help them find their voice.

CMHA Waterloo Wellington Dufferin
WAYVE – Working Against Youth Violence Everywhere

WAYVE supports youth to create and deliver anti-violence, mental health and resiliency promotion educational activities and resource materials to their peers, empowering them to become leaders in the schools and community with the goal of enhancing the mental health and resiliency skills of all youth.

Community Justice Initiatives
BackHome: Youth Reintegration Circles
The BackHome program creates volunteer mentor circles of support for youth in custody to assist the youth in making a positive transition back into the community.

KW Counselling Centre
Walk-in Counselling
Youth ages 12-18 will have prompt access to counselling at a time when it’s needed most at KW Counselling Services’ Walk In Counselling Clinic.

Music Therapy: Helping Youth with Serious Mental Health Challenges Thrive
When it’s hard for kids with serious mental health challenges to talk through their problems, music can help find a path to healing.  The music therapy program at Lutherwood helps kids find their strengths and successes.

Pathways to Education Canada
Program Innovation at Pathways Kitchener
This grant contributes to the core costs of delivering the Pathways Kitchener program and in doing so provide the program with the flexibility to respond to time-sensitive investments regarding projects that entail designing, testing, and implementing adaptations to the program that meet emerging unmet needs.

Sexual Assault Support Centre
Male Allies 
The purpose of the Males Allies program is to encourage male youth in developing a positive self-image, experience healthy relationships and avoid destructive behaviours by interaction with trained male peer-educators and role models in the community.

Woolwich Community Services
Come As You Are
Come As You Are is an all-inclusive philosophy implemented at the Woolwich Youth Centre to encourage all youth ages 11 to 18 to participate, play, learn and grow.

Woolwich Counselling Centre
Preventative Mental Health Youth Programs and Services
This program provides innovative preventative counselling programs in the Elmira high school.  Elmira youth benefit by developing/learning new skills to improve mental health and overall well-being.

Wilfrid Laurier University
Jumpstart is an outreach program designed to bridge the information gap regarding high school and post-secondary options for youth.

YWCA Kitchener-Waterloo
This community-based after-school program addresses key social issues facing girls, including violence, body image and self-esteem.