2008 Grantees


ROOF is committed to providing for the safety, support, and overall well-being of homeless youth and youth-at-risk, age 12-25, in the Waterloo Region. Our objective is to maintain the health/safety of street youth, by providing resources/services that will allow them to make positive choices to end the cycle of homelessness. 

The Music Therapist program at Lutherwood as it is an innovative program that encourages communication, listening and sharing of emotions with the ultimate goal of the improved wellness of the individual youth.  The Music Therapist program offers a different approach to meeting treatment goals. 

The Children and Volunteers in our programs experience the magic of everyday moments when they are shared with a friend.  Everyone needs someone to laugh with, share dreams and just hangout… with friends it’s the little things that mean the most.

Pathways to Education Canada is a charitable organization created to reduce poverty and its effects by lowering the high school dropout rate and increasing access to post-secondary education among disadvantaged youth in Canada.

WAYVE stands for Working Against Youth Violence Everywhere, and is a youth-based violence prevention pilot project in Waterloo Region (Ontario, Canada).  WAYVE’s purpose is to address youth issues such as bullying, harassment, discrimination, racism and gang violence.