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How To Apply

Every year, the Astley Family Foundation receives an impressive number of grant applications.

Unfortunately, not all requests can be accepted. This is not a negative evaluation of the project or of the dedication and hard work of those involved, but simply reflects the Foundation’s need to make choices.

We want to make it easier for you to submit a successful application and avoid submitting one that will not be considered. We strongly encourage you to invest the time necessary to review the following sections: Key Outcomes, Granting, Learning Grant , What We Fund, and FAQs and reflect on it before moving to the application itself. You may discover that the project you have in mind is not a good candidate, or needs further development.

Applicants are also encouraged to check out the Grantee Profile section on the website to get a better sense of the Foundation's funding interests.

In addition, prospective applicants are welcome to contact the Foundation, using the Contact Us link on the website, to discuss an idea and whether there is a potential fit before submitting an application.

Three Key Considerations:

1. The Astley Family Foundation accepts proposals for funding from organizations that work with youth, aged 12 to 25 and/or provide programming aimed at youth, aged 12 to 25.

2. The Foundation prefers to fund operating programs. The Foundation values co-operation and collaboration. Therefore, the Foundation will look most favourably on projects that demonstrate these values.

3. The Astley Family Foundation is registered as a charitable foundation with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and therefore can only grant funds to non-profit organizations that are registered charities and have a valid charitable number.


The deadline for submission of proposals is shown on the News page. All organizations that submit a proposal will receive notification that the proposal was received within two weeks of the deadline.

The Astley Family Foundation will communicate their decision to fund or not fund a proposal by the end of April of each year.

Application Forms

Our application is no longer available on our website. Therefore, applicants need to email the Foundation using the Contact Us link to request a copy of the application form. 

In the email, please indicate if you are applying for a learning grant or community grant.  For more information on these two types of grants, please see the Learning Grant and Community Grant sections of the website.

A link to the application will be sent to your email.  Please click on the link in the email to complete the application form online. If you have any questions or need assistance with the application you can email the Executive Director, Jennifer Astley-Kinsey. Jennifer’s email address can be found on the first page of the application.

An application sent to the Foundation without all the necessary information and a copy of the financial statements, will not be considered. 

All applicants will receive notice of the Foundation's decisions by the end of April each year.



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