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Granting Policy

The Astley Family Foundation accepts proposals for funding from organizations that work with youth, aged 12 to 25 and/or provided programming aimed at youth, aged 12 to 25 in Waterloo Region.

The mission statement of the Astley Family Foundation is to support projects and programs which encourage personal development of vulnerable youth in Waterloo Region and which help them realize their full potential.

The Foundation prefers to consider projects that provide more than just support. These projects will help educate youth and build their skills to help deal with root causes, while having a lasting impact.

The Foundation is receptive to specific projects and innovative, new ideas. However, the Foundation will consider established projects especially those that do not have a wide support base.

The ability of a proposal to show evidence of positive change will enhance the likelihood of a decision to fund.

Organizations that demonstrate strong evidence based decision making and submit proposals with good potential to show evidence of positive change related to foundation priorities will enhance the likelihood of a decision to fund.

The Foundation prefers to fund operating programs rather that capital grants. However, there may be rare occasions when capital grants will be considered.

The Foundation values co-operation and collaboration. Therefore, the Foundation will look most favourably on projects that demonstrate these values.

The Foundation also believes that the ability to share insights and learnings is valuable not only for the funded organization or the Foundation, but also for the community as a whole. The Foundation welcomes proposals that include ideas about how information will be shared with others. The Foundation is especially interested in working on projects that have the potential to generate useful insights for other youth serving organizations in the region.

The Astley Family Foundation is registered as a charitable foundation with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and therefore can only grant funds to non-profit organizations that are registered charities and have a valid charitable number.




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