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FAQ - Process

Q.  Can I discuss my application with someone before I submit?
A.  You may contact the Executive Director, Jennifer Astley-Kinsey, through the Contact Us link on the website.  Please ensure you have reviewed the website before submitting your questions as they may be answered somewhere on the website.

In addition, prospective applicants are welcome to contact the Foundation to discuss an idea and whether there is a potential fit before submitting an application.

Q.  How are application decisions made?
A.  As part of the review process the Astley Family Foundation may consider it necessary to request more information from your organization, clarify information given on the proposal, and / or conduct a site visit. This further investigation does not indicate a positive funding decision nor does it guarantee that the proposal will be funded.

The Astley Family Foundation receives many worthy proposals and cannot fund all of them. Choosing among the proposals is a difficult task, although necessary. The final decision to fund or not fund a proposal is made by the board of directors of the Astley Family Foundation.

Q.  How soon will I find out about my grant application?
A.  The deadline for submission of proposals is shown on the News page. All organizations that submit a proposal will receive notification that the proposal was received within two weeks of the deadline.

Those proposals that clearly fall outside of our granting policy will also be notified in writing by the end February each year. The remaining proposals will all be seriously reviewed and considered. However, some proposals may be declined after a relatively short review process.

The Astley Family Foundation will communicate their decision to fund or not fund a proposal by the end of April of each year.

Q.  What are the Foundation's reporting requirements?
A.  Details coming soon.



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